Respect for Persons

Define “Respect for Persons”:

Being open to others perspectives. Keep in mind that what you are studying/observing are people, and should be treated and handled with  like people. Tell people about research in ways that the can fully understand, and let them know they have the freedom to back out of the study at any point. Let them know how much of their time the study will be taking up.

“I will” statements:

1. I will practice informed consent

2. I will tell people what my study is about and why I am doing it

3. I will treat every individual the same and show the same courtesy in ways that are appropriate to the culture

4. I will remain aware for stereotypes and bias opinions to keep them out of my study/observing process

5. I will ask appropriate  questions and come prepared to make the process go as smoothly as possible

Define “Beneficence”:

My research should benefit the culture and research I am gathering

“I will” statements:

1. I will share any financial benefits that may come form our research

2. I will give positive publicity to my organization

3. I will make sure I have permission to use pictures

Define “Justice”:

Respecting the entirety of the sub culture

“I will” statements:

1. I will keep in mind judgement and an open mind to others opinions

2. I will listen and engage in conversation when appropriate

3. I will understand the history of the sub culture and conduct the appropriate research

4. I will select my informants respectively

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Discovery Writing #8

Considering I haven’t had a chance to take field notes in my research journal yet I will, for his Discovery Writing , predict what will surprise me, intrigue me, and disturb me. These predictions are in no way what my actual feelings are toward the organization, they are just guesses at this point.

What may surprise me when I get a chance to observe the SALSA organization is how many people of Latino/Hispanic decent are apart of the group. I have no idea how many people of Hispanic decent attend ECU, so it will be interesting to somewhat get an idea based on attendance at the meetings/events.

What will maybe intrigue me is getting to know the people involved in the organization and finding out why they are in the group and how they feel about it. It will also be cool to just get to know more people here at ECU.

I don’t really know what will disturb me, if anything. Thats something you really can’t make a prediction about. I will have to wait and see on that one.

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4 Annotated Bibliographies

Hicklin, Alisa, and Kenneth J. Meier. “Race, Structure, and State Governments: The Politics of Higher Education Diversity.” Journal of Politics 70.3 (2008): 851-860. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Web. 15 Feb. 2011.


This paper observes the politics of higher education diversity for both Latinos and African Americans. It does so by investigating how the structure of the bureaucracy affects the relationship between substantive and descriptive representation. The observations for their results lasted over a 11 year period, showing that each factor affects minority enrollments.

The authors didn’t come off as bias. They came with straight forward information and evidence to back up their papers claim.


Vasquez, Olga A. “Latinos in the Global Context: Beneficiaries or Irrelevants?.” Journal of Latinos & Education 6.2 (2007): 119-137. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Web. 15 Feb. 2011.


This paper writes that it is well established that the impact of globalization is immediate and widespread, yet the public group most affected by this force of change is slow in responding to the need for change in content and it conceptualization of the learner and citizen. The article examines the impact that this inertia has on the fastest growing group in the USA. The Latinos. Even though the Hispanic community is blessed with many gifts and skills, they face three major educational roadblocks that hold them back from reaching their potential success. The three roadblocks include: a low quality education, resegregation across the educational system, and limited access to higher education.


The author came off as a little bias, but only a little. She came with straight forward facts and information from, what I can’t tell, trust worthy sources. You could tell she has a strong opinion of this matter at hand, but with good intentions.



Juffer, Jane. “The Limits of Culture: Latino Studies, Diversity Management, and the Corporate University.” Nepantla: Views from South 2.2 (2001): 265. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Web. 15 Feb. 2011.


This piece explores a set of possibilities for Latino/Latina cultural studies in the age of globalization, migration and the corporatization on the higher education in the USA expansion of higher education for the Hispanic community. Concept of multicultural in the field of higher education.


The author doesn’t seem to be bias on this subject. She comes with straightforward facts and information to put fourth her message clearly.



Urciuoli, Bonnie. “Producing multiculturalism in higher education: who’s producing what for whom?.”International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education (QSE) 12.3 (1999): 287-298. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Web. 15 Feb. 2011.


This paper observes ways in which the multiculturalism is institutionally produced in a small liberal arts college setting. When the admission office deploy the categories diversity and multiculturalism , they are most likely to search for academic excellence from humanities or Latino, African American, or Women’s Studies Programs, the disciplines most closely related identity slots on the college applications.

The author comes off a little bias. She has strong opinions on the matter at hand. Though she comes off as a little bias, she seems to know what she is talking about. From what I know the sources seem to be legitimate.


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Proposal 1

I will be observing the SALSA Organization here at East Carolina University. SALSA stands for: Student Association of Spanish-Latino Affairs. The main purpose of the organization is to promote Hispanic awareness throughout campus and the surrounding community. I intend to observe mainly the culture of Spanish-Latino community here at ECU and the affects of being away from their families. Through media and other sources you notice that the Hispanic community has very strong family ties and relationships. My hypothesis that I intend to observe is that there might be a connection between being away from their families (maybe) for the first time in their lives and their social lives and academic performance. My hypothesis could change once I get more information, but as of now this is the point of view I am going for.

Interests: I am interested in the family bonds that Hispanic families seem to have.

Challenges: (maybe) Meeting people who want to be interviewed about family matters.


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DW Box #4

SALSA Organization

1. I don’t really know too much about this subculture. I did date a girl who is Spanish and I was around her family quite a bit. From that point of view I noticed they have really strong family relationships. I also noticed that every family member basically knows everything about every other member in the family, no matter how far down the family tree.

2. Not much, besides i still talk with my ex girlfriend and her family.

3. I don’t really know, but i would think it wouldn’t be to hard to enter as an outsider.

4. I am an outsider because i am not of Spanish-Lation heritage myself, but i am also somewhat of an insider because I have been around Spanish cultures my whole life.

5. I don’t know specifically what I want to find out. I would like to learn how to speak Spanish though.

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Dragon’s Den

1.Did you find the Dragon’s Den activity useful to your emerging research project?  How?  Why or why not?

Yes I found it useful. It showed everybody’s ideas and helped everybody come up with news ones. If you were having trouble figuring out what exactly you wanted to do your research about or how to approach it, this activity really helped.

2.Was the feedback  that you received on Today’s Meet useful?  Why or why not?  How could it be more useful?

Yes i think the feedback was useful. It gave you sort of a confidence in your work planned work.

3.Are you ready to work with secondary sources in Joyner’s General Collections?  What will you look for in this collection and how?

Getting there. I have to first think about exactly what it is I will be looking for in the library and exactly what resources i will use.

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Groundwork Activity pg.55-56


Equity at ECU: Clubs, Club Sports, Varsity Sports, Theatre Group, Different Majors, Sports Medicine Major, Athletic Training Major, Sports Studies Major, Different Dorms, Different Apartment Complexes, By Class or Year (freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors)



1.Club Sports: I would go to a few different club sports meeting and practices to find out what makes them the club that they are. I would observe their routines and rituals before they begin with their work outs or games.


2. Theatre Group: I would go to their auditions and practices and observe how they prepare for shows. I would watch some of their plays and see how they conduct themselves and how they get into character.


3. Different Apartment Complexes: I would go to the most popular apartment complexes for college student in Greenville and check out why they are considered the most popular and what kind of things happen in each.


4. Varsity Sports: I would go to a few of the practices of the sports that I am interested in and see how they train and prepare both during the season and during the off season for their games. I would go to the games and see how the preparation had paid off.



The draw backs of attempting to study the groups I listed a above in greater detail might be that neither of the groups would allow me to watch their practices or meetings and/or might not want me to take notes of their particular places, things or ideas. I might also encounter things that most people don’t know about the certain groups that the groups didn’t want made public. I may learn myself a few things about each that I don’t really want to know about.



Considering that each group I named off has either a leader, teacher, owner or a coach in charge of them, how close and how much resource I could gather about each group would rely on their approval of me being there. Since I am in a club sport, I have more of a place in that group then any of the others, so that may make it easier to gather more information about that group. That would maybe give me and advantage in resources when it comes to club sports. I am a part of the pirate club so that makes it a little easier to get a closer look at the varsity sports (only football and basketball though). The other varsity sports I would have to pay to get into the games which makes it a little more difficult. I know people who live at a few of the different apartment complexes, so that will give me a chance to get an experience of each of them and also the opportunity to meet other people who live in those complexes. I would be able to get many different opinions and views on the different apartment complexes that way. I don’t know much about the theatre group or many people involved in it so that would be the most difficult probably to gather information about. I know one guy who’s majoring in theatre so that may be useful. I also would have to pay to go see the plays/shows so that makes gathering information about that a little more difficult as well.


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